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Four years ago this week I was a mum to a 3-year-old and working 2 jobs to buy our first home with my husband. I had a dream that I could create a small business that could allow me to be creative on my terms and to make my customers happy. I thought at best I could create simple bouquet and button hole combinations here and there to contribute to the mortgage and to have more time to potter in my garden.

If someone told me 4 years ago that Willow Bud would be regularly featured in magazines, the world's best wedding blogs, have my floral concepts and designs adored and in demand by the most beautiful clients I would have laughed and not believed it.

People told me that I was crazy, that I was mad, that I didn't have the skills or the experience to be one of the Sunshine Coasts favourite wedding florists. The people who mattered to me told me that I could achieve anything I wanted to and stood by me time after time and listened to me cry from exhaustion, questioning myself and my ability, being made to listen to yet another crazy floral concept for a photo shoot, and listen to me whinge if I missed out on a wedding that I really wanted to be apart of!!

There has been allot of challenges that I have waded through to get where I am now and I thank each and every one of you in some strange way for being that hurdle that I have overcome - each time I have learnt something new, grown, evolved and taken note to how every experience in life is for learning.

At the same time, I have had the amazing experience of being a part of the most incredible moments imaginable. I still can't believe that what I can make with my two hands is treasured and loved by so many brides. That our designs whether it be the bouquet or the centrepieces stay in our bride's hearts for a lifetime- that to me never gets old. That to me is the reason why I get out of bed in the morning, that is what I think of after working 30 days straight from early morning flower runs to midnight pack downs on a Saturday night.

I have met some absolutely gorgeous people in my career, the most beautiful wedding industry suppliers (you know who you are) and the most incredible brides that many I call friends. I have seen real and pure love unfold. I know that when I am an old lady these are the memories that I will look forward to telling.

I have also been blessed with the most loyal, hard working, funny, creative and crazy team. My Emily, Courtney and Susa you are not only my support but my friends too. To have a team that works in harmony week in and out even though things can get quite stressful is really so special. To have my back when I am feeling overwhelmed is so encouraging. And also how lucky am I to have such a kick ass husband! Without Grant, there would be no beautiful website, no business cards, hanging structure frames or that cute (and taken) delivery driver!

To all of our 500+ brides from over the years THANK YOU, each and every one of you! Your support is what keeps me living my dream day in and day out. I know that if I saw just an image of your bouquet I would know who it was for and when it was for- I seriously care that much about you all!!

For every woman who has a dream but feels limited to how your dream can be realised due to financial commitments, kids or lack of time. Just get out there and do it! BE you, put your creative side out there. You HAVE value in our society- WE need more creatives out there to support! I love to lift women up, to encourage and to inspire. If I can start my business with $200, a toddler in tow and passion in my heart imagine what you can do. It just takes a jump into the deep end and then you will figure out the rest and it will be the scariest and the most exciting thing that you could ever do!

If you stumbled across my soppy blog and do need a florist for your Sunshine Coast, Noosa or Sunshine Coast Hinterland wedding for 2017/18 we would love to hear from you. I think it is pretty evident in my words how flower mad I am and how much I love each wedding that I get to work on. Dates for next year are filling fast so please get in touch before your date books out.

Thanks for reading! xx

(Images: Ben Sowry Photo)

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